Lyapunov equation for linear system

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Lyapunov theory is used to make conclusions about trajectories of a system x f(x) (e. g. , G. A. S. ) without nding the trajectories (i. e. , solving the dierential equation) a typical Lyapunov theorem has the form: if there exists a function V: Rn R that satises some conditions on V and V then, trajectories of system satisfy some property ifThe equation AP PA Q is referred to as Lyapunov equation. It is linear in P and can be solved as a system of linear equations. In fact, this equation has a unique solution (positive denite or not) i any two eigenvalues of P satisfy i j 6 0. lyapunov equation for linear system

Lecture notes in numerical linear algebra. Numerical methods for Lyapunov equations Lyapunov equations are used in various situations at KTH. They appear in the courses SF2842 Geometric Control Theory, FEL3500 In troduction to Model Order Reduction (Dept.

BISWA NATH DATTA, in Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems, 2004. A Remark on Numerical Effectiveness. The Lyapunov equation in Step 2 can be highly illconditioned, even when the pair (A, B) is robustly controllable. In this case, the entries of the stabilizing feedback matrix K are expected to be very large, giving rise to practical difficulties in implementation. ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN Dr. Radhakant Padhi, AE Dept. , IIScBangalore 23 Analysis of Linear Time Invariant Systems z Choose an arbitrary symmetric positive definite matrix z Solve for the matrix form the Lyapunov equation and verify whether it lyapunov equation for linear system Solution. Note that the first approximation method is not applicable for this system, since the zero solution is a center (that is the system is not rough):

This paper describes the parallelization of the lowrank ADI iteration for the solution of largescale, sparse Lyapunov equations. The only relevant operations involved in the method are matrixvector products and the solution of linear systems. lyapunov equation for linear system Lyapunov equation. In control theory, the discrete Lyapunov equation is of the form where is a Hermitian matrix and is the conjugate transpose of. The continuous Lyapunov equation is of form: . The Lyapunov equation occurs in many branches of control theory, such as Lyapunovs direct method (also called the second method of Lyapunov) allows us to determine the stability of a system without explicitly integrating the dierential equation (4. 31). The method is a generalization of the idea that if there is some measure of energy in a system, then LINEAR SYSTEM STABILITY 179 4. 3 Lyapunov Stability of Linear Systems In this section we present the Lyapunov stability method specialized for the linear time invariant systems studied in this book. The method has more theoretical importance than practical value and can be used to derive and prove other stability results. Nonlinear Systems and Control Lecture# 9 Lyapunov Stability Linear Systems x Ax V (x) xT Px, P PT 0 Q QT 0 there is P PT 0 that satises the Lyapunov equation PA ATP Q Moreover, if A is Hurwitz, then P is the unique solution Idea of the proof: Sufciency follows from Lyapunovs

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