High power motor test system

2019-11-17 06:53

Electric Motor Test System. Electric Motor Test Systems Power Tests Electric Motor Test Systems feature our highly successful water brake absorber which is [ View Product. XSeries Electric Motor Test Stand The XSeries EMTS Water Brake Dynamometers are used for power verification, vibration testing, quality assurance, [ View Product.Our standard line of high power Motor Test Systems can be designed to operate at 50 or 60 Hz, from any low voltage service up to 600 VAC, at power levels up to 2, 500 kVA. The Standard MTSR Series is capable of performing full load tests on motors rated up to 2, 500 HP, and no load tests on motors rated up to 12, 500 HP. high power motor test system

Dynamometers. Magtrols dynamometers, electronics and software are used for testing all types of electric and pneumatic motors, gas engines and gearheads, as well as servo drives and inverters. With over 50 dynamometers to choose from, and the availability of Customised Motor Test Systems (CMTS), virtually every motor testing requirement can be met.

The Chroma 1920 test system can be used not just for electrical safety testing, but also for quality testing, as it provides complete functions for motor stator coil inspection. The LsQ (Quality factor) check enables the system to find defective coils which may run and look normal but become hotter than desired after assembled as a complete motor. MTS Series. 1 more items in gallery. The HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS Motor Test Sets MTS are electrical control, measurement& power devises used to start up multihorsepower single phase, polyphase& DC motors. The Motor Test Sets are designed to perform noload and fullload motor tests. Variable transformer offers the most stable output available. high power motor test system Aug 12, 2013 Our 100 years of high voltage and high power experience has led us to develop the most efficient motor test systems on the market today. They are known worldwide to be robust, reliable, and refined.

Evergreen High Voltage is a new company formed by experienced, long time industry participants which will transform our customers experience in purchasing high voltage testing systems. Our equipment is based on an understanding of all of the technological milestones of the last 100 years and follows a new approach to HV testing solutions. high power motor test system Technologies Motor Test Systems are synonymous with reliability. The heart of any high power test panel is the voltage regulating system. Phenix Technologies Column Type Variable Transformers (CTVT) have a proven record of performance of over 35 years of service in hundreds of high power motor test field installations. The highpower motor test system is capable of testing and monitoring up to a 15, 000horsepower (hp) motor at no load or a 3, 000hp motor at full load. The highpower motor test system is designed using components from the leading testing manufacturers in the industry. This stateofthe Motor Testing Solutions IES Systems, Inc, is a turnkey motor testing solutions provider with 10 years of proven experience in the design and manufacturing of motor testing equipment. We provide custom designs to meet our customers' testing requirements. The PHENIX Advantage A complete line of test systems and components Innovative solutions for any project Superior quality, reliability, and versatility for years of extended service life Operating software that provides automation, data acquisition, remote control, and capabilities

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