Voco rebilda post system

2019-10-21 18:36

Sep 15, 2017 Rebilda Post GT is translucent and comes in four different traditionally sized posts: 0. 8 mm (4), 1. 0 mm (6), 1. 2 mm (9) and 1. 4 mm (12). The system can be ordered as a complete kit that contains five of each size posts, Futurabond U SingleDose, Ceramic Bond and Rebilda DC, or the posts can be ordered separately by size.Jun 06, 2012 Rebilda Post ist der glasfaserverstrkte CompositeWurzelstift von VOCO und eine optimale Ergnzung zum dualhrtenden Stumpfaufbau und Befestigungsmaterial Rebilda DC. voco rebilda post system

Dec 08, 2016 Rebilda Post GT Bundled glass fibrereinforced composite post Indications: Core buildup restorations with root posts for endodontically treated teeth. Advan

Rebilda Post GT is available as a kit containing 5 posts each in 0. 8 mm, 1. 0 mm, 1. 2 mm, and 1. 4 mm diameter sizes, together with a 5 mL bottle of Ceramic Bond, 20 Futura Bond single unit doses, a 10 g syringe of Rebilda DC QM dentin and accessories. Refill packs containing 5 posts in one of the four sizes are also available. Rebilda Post System Complete set for postendodontic treatment for placing 15 posts Advantages All materials in the set match each other Post insertion and corebuild up in one step Futurabond DC Safe selfcure High adhesion without additional etchi voco rebilda post system Rebilda Post GT System Kit: 5 posts each of ( 0. 8 mm, 1. 0 mm, 1. 2 mm, 1. 4 mm), Ceramic Bond bottle 5 ml, Futurabond U SingleDose 20 pcs. , Rebilda DC

Adhesive core buildup system 23 VOCO GmbH P. O. Box 767 Cux haven Germany Adhsives Stumpfaufbausystem Adhesive core buildup system REF 1777 1 x Rebilda Post Drill ( 1. 2 mm) REF 1778 1 x Rebilda Post Drill ( 1. 5 mm) REF 1779 1 x Rebilda Post Drill voco rebilda post system How can the answer be improved? Rebilda Post System Kit Voco Rebilda Post is a fiber reinforced composite endodontic post for buildup, support and anchoring of coronal restorations. Indications typically include diagnosis where there is insufficient tooth substance. Nov 01, 2017  The Rebilda Post GT is available as a post kit, but is also packaged in a Rebilda Post GT System Kit that includes VOCOs awardwinning Rebilda DC (core builduppost cement) and Futurabond U (adhesive), plus supporting products, so clinicians have a complete postandcore system. Rebilda Glass Fiber Post System VOCO America Rebilda features a dualpurpose cementcorebuildup material in a comprehensive, allinclusive kit. Now available from VOCO America, the Rebilda Post System contains everything needed for endodontic post cementation and core buildup.

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