System idle process high xp

2019-10-21 19:39

Jan 10, 2012 system idle process is always high, typically 5097 of CPU load, which is understandable if there are no other apps active HOWEVER when I intentionally open multiple heavy apps such as Photoshop, Maximizer and MS Access in quick succession, and the CPU use spikes to 9095 capacity (as expected), system idle process still hogs the vast majorityMar 25, 2019  The system idle process means that the computer is doing nothing. If Idle is 100, then that means the system is 100 at rest. If your computer is slow, there is another reason. Here are some reasons for computer slowness: 2. 3. Hard drive is too full. system idle process high xp

When a computer is Idle it will have a high System Idle process under the CPU, often in the 90's. This is completely normal for a computer as it waits for something to do. If you leave the Task Manager open and run a program, you will notice that the System Idle process decreases its CPU usage.

Jun 20, 2010  You are reporting the following post: XP System Idle Process out of control! This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET System Idle Process High CPU Usage [Solved System Idle Process is a system process. If you see it taking high CPU usage (usually 98 and 99), dont be panic. If your PC runs normally, just leave it. If you want, read on to find more information about it. If your PC is system idle process high xp How can the answer be improved?

Jan 02, 2016 I checked the process tab in task manager to find that nothing was using my CPU, and that System Idle Process was at 99. This should mean nothing is using it, yet the high CPU usage remains. Prior to this my computer would often idle at 24, only reaching about 5060 when running Call of Duty 4, and 80 when running Starcraft 2. system idle process high xp Usually, when the processor in a computer is idle on Windows 10, the System Idle Process would appear in the CPU column and occupy 70 to 90 CPU usage. Therefore, that is why even in the situation where there are only some routine programs running on Windows 10, the System Idle Process high CPU problem occurs to you without any sign. Feb 12, 2014  Your computer is slowed down because of System Idle process? If yes then you can view this small clip made by me on how to fix your slow PC from System Idle Process Nov 13, 2018 In the example picture, the System Idle Process is at 98 (98) of the processor's computing power, or in other words, 2 of its computing power is being used. If your computer has a multiple core processor (e. g. , a sixcore or eightcore), it can be common to see a high System Idle Process percent

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