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2019-12-06 16:06

There's extra space allocated in the MemoryStream buffer by default (just like with e. g. a list). This can be dealt with easily by using the overload that allows you to set capacity, but is only really useful if you don't expect to write any data to the stream (or if you know how much extra bytes you're likely to need).Oct 28, 2014  That said though, please do understand that as you have it, that's not enough to read anything. The following is more typical: Using rdr As New Do While rdr. Peek() 0 Dim itm As String rdr. ReadLine. Trim 'Now process the line itm Loop End Using read string

The returned value is the actual number of bytes read, or zero if the end of the stream is reached. If the read operation is successful, the current position of the stream is advanced by the number of bytes read. If an exception occurs, the current position of the stream is unchanged.

Sep 30, 2005 How do I convert a System. IO. Stream to a string variable. Do you mean you want to read the contents of a stream, decoding it into a string, and storing the result in a variable? If so: using (StreamReader reader new string contents reader. ReadToEnd(); Note that the above assumes an encoding of UTF8. If you want a Implementations of this method read a maximum of count bytes from the current stream and store them in buffer beginning at offset. The current position within the stream is advanced by the number of bytes read; however, if an exception occurs, the current position within the stream remains unchanged. Implementations return the number of bytes read. read string I have property of Stream type public System. IO. Stream UploadStream get; set; How can I convert it into a string and send on to other side where I can again convert it into System. IO. Stream?

Aug 04, 2008 However I would like to create a xaml String in code and then place it into of loading it as a file. What I need to know is. how do you turn a String into a Stream? void ButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) String xamlstr; read string I have a program written in Unity using C# that initializes a new StreamReader and proceeds to read the text data from a text file I have stored in Unity's resources folder. Everything works fine when I click play in Unity everything works and the text is read and displayed perfectly. Yes, you can also use StreamWriter, which as you say provides more symmetry, though also more code. You need to call Flush() to complete the write, and you also need to reset the Stream position to zero when starting the read. Here is the modified code: string test Testing 123; convert string

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