Minecraft alarm system with note blocks

2019-09-18 16:36

Another use for note blocks is to create an alarm system. Linking doors and other mechanisms to one or several note blocks in a single control room allow you to follow anybody in your house. This is a great way to see how close somebody is to getting to your diamond stash.You will be able to create an alarm in Minecraft using redstones, redstone repeaters and note blocks. Once the alarm is triggered, the note blocks will sound until the alarm is disconnected. Creating an alarm requires precise placement of your tools, and as such it's best to practice in Create mode where supplies are unlimited. minecraft alarm system with note blocks

Jan 13, 2011 So. . while I'm waiting for bugs to get fixed and plugins to be updated, I had an idea for my house in my favorite SMP server I imagine a series of note blocks hooked up to a clock generator that is triggered by a series of pressure plates that you could armdisarm. .

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