Deactivate playstation 3 system remotely

2020-01-26 02:42

Jun 15, 2010  You can only deactivate your PlayStation 3 system from PlayStationNetwork using your PS3 system. You cannot deactivate it using a PSP system or PC. On the XMB menu, go to PlayStationNetwork and sign in to your PlayStation Network account. Go to Account Management System Activation PS3 System.How to Deactivate a Sony PlayStation 4 System. STEP 2: Go to Settings, then select PlayStation Network. STEP 3: Go to Activate as Your Primary PS4, then press the X button. STEP 4: Select Deactivate, then press the X button, and then confirm your choice by selecting Yes. Your device is now deactivated. deactivate playstation 3 system remotely

Jan 05, 2014 The only way to get it done, is by calling SONY that is as remote as it will get. waitthere is another alternative, if you log in to PSN on a browser you will have the option to deactivate ALL devices, this can be done 1 time every 6 months I hope this helps.

To avoid Deactivating the system(s) that you want to keep (1)Turn on your into systems PSN(3) Get on a browser to access PSN and Deactivate all. Deactivation will only affect the PS3 system(s) that are not logged into PSN account at the same time. PSN DRM: Try remote deactivation of all your PS systems. A full remote deactivation of all PlayStation systems is possible. The account management application says that this is only possible every six months, and that you'll have to activate each system again through the XMB. If you're dealing with a lot of of systems, this clean wipe may be the way to go. You'll find this option under the deactivate playstation 3 system remotely Dec 24, 2014 You're wrong buddy. Go to account then Media and Devices, click deactivate all. Charge characters are for scrubs with low IQ. Unless Sony changed it over the last couple of years, you were only able to deactivate the video portion of the PS3 through the system itself. Everything else could be done through the PC.

There should be a way to deactivate your PS3 form a PC. The list of your activated PS3 could be the name of the PS3 that you enter in the 'System Settings' on the XMB. So you can have a Livingroom PS3 and a Bedroom PS3 activated which show up on that website and you can easily determine which one needs to be deactivated. deactivate playstation 3 system remotely Remote deactivation can be useful in a number of situations, for example: You have sent your PlayStation system for service or repair. You have sold an old PlayStation system. Your PlayStation system has been lost or stolen.

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