Submarine towed array handling system

2019-11-14 00:34

Surface and submarinetowed line array handling and stowage system in all weather conditions. CurtissWrights Indal Towed Line Array Handling and stowage systems are in operation within the Canadian, UK, Dutch and Korean Navies.Towed Array Handling Equipment Facility Located at the Naval Station Newport, RI NUWCDIVNPT Sensors and SONAR Systems Department, Code 15 30, 000 FT2 Industrial and Office facility NAVSEA Certified Designated Overhaul Point for Submarine Towed Array Handling Equipment Operations are conducted in accordance submarine towed array handling system

CurtissWright produces towed line array winch mechanisms designed to deploy and retrieve the array at normal ship operating speeds. CurtissWright also designs and manufactures Indal Towed Array Handling and Stowage Systems (TAHS) for submarines. Systems were first developed for the Royal Canadian Navy submarines.

Mar 26, 2019  Towed array sonar uses hydrophones towed on a cable trailing behind a submarine or a surface ship; it can be miles long. It's designed to keep the array's sensors away from the tow May 22, 2017 L3 to build six more TB29A CTA towed array sonar systems for Virginiaclass submarines. The TB29A common towed array architecture provides the Navy with major technical advancements in towed array capabilities, Navy officials say. It can be used aboard attack, cruisemissile, and ballisticmissile submarines, as well as on unmanned surface vessels. submarine towed array handling system Towed Array. Submarines deploy thinline towedarrays using mechanical handling systems. A thinline array element includes an outer sheath or hose that contains hydrophones and supporting electronics. When the towedarray is deployed or retrieved, it is fed through a guide tube by a handling system.

How can the answer be improved? submarine towed array handling system For example, we design, test, fabricate, and restore integrated logistics support and configuration management for the production of towed underwater systems and components. We operate various landbased test facilities and special purpose test stations, and we install array handling system upgrades on ships and submarines.

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