Generalized measurement system block diagram ppt

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Q6 (b) Draw the block diagram of CRO& discuss the functions of the following: (i) CRT (ii) Vertical amplifier Answer. Article 7. 3 of Text Book II (i) Article 7. 2 of Text Book II (ii) Article 7. 5 of Text Book II. Q7 Discuss features& applications of the following: (i) Heterodyne wave analyzers (ii) Spectrum analyzer (iii) BolometerThe generalized measurement system consists of three main functional elements. They are: 1. Primary sensing element, which senses the quantity under measurement. 2. Variable conversion element, which modifies suitably the output of the primary sensing element, and. generalized measurement system block diagram ppt

Block Diagram of a Generalized Description of a Measurement Instrumentation For the measurement to be faithful, the sensor should be designed so as to extract a very small amount of energy from the medium. presented to the computer, it can be done in the form of a binary scale on the punched tape or cards, or the measuring system may be

Such a diagram is known as a block diagram, and it is a good way to show the interrelationship of the system components. 1. 2 GENERAL INSTRUMENT SYSTEM. All instrumentation systems can be generally described by the block diagram of Figure 1. 1. It is desirable to describe the operation of a measuring instrument or a system in a generalized manner without restoring the details of the physical aspects of a measurement system. The whole operation is described in terms of functions elements. generalized measurement system block diagram ppt Block diagram of generalized measurement system. 2. 6. The primary sensing element receives signal of the physical quantity to be measured as input. . 5. mechanical or other form). It receives processed signal from data processing element and presents the data in a human readable form. Some of the data transmission elements used are cables.

COAXIAL CURRENT SHUNTS FROM 1 mA TO 100 A B. Volj, M. Lindi, B. Pinter, R. Lapuh, Z. Svetik (50 A and 100 A shunt still in process of evaluation) for direct AC current measurement: 100 A 300 A 1 mA 3 mA 10 mA 30 mA 100 mA 300 mA block diagram of measuring system generalized measurement system block diagram ppt Block diagram of generalized measurement system: Components of Generalized Measurement System: A generalized measurement system consists of the following components: In addition to the above components, a measurement system may also have a data storage element to store measured data for future use. Syllabus General concept Generalized measurement systemUnits and standardsmeasuring instruments sensitivity, readability, range of accuracy, precisionstatic and dynamic response repeatability systematic and random errorscorrection, calibration, interchangeability. Process Monitoring and Control Fall 2004 SYSTEM OF UNITS SI US Primary Units Supplementary Units Derived Units A General Measurement System: An Instrument, for example Sensor Signal Conditioning Processing Display Functional Block Diagram Input Output System Process Machine Experiment, etc. Instrumentation A General Measurement System: An A GENERALIZED MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. MEASUREMENTS: The measurement of a given quantity is essentially an act or the result of comparison between the quantity (whose magnitude is unknown)& a predefined Standard. Since two quantities are compared, the result is expressed in numerical values. BASIC REQUIREMENTS OF MEASUREMENT:

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