System32 folder large

2019-11-19 06:28

Sep 27, 2011 Large System32 and SysWOW64 Folders (15GB ea. ) I hope I am in the correct section of the forum (I am going under the Maintenance part). I have recently noticed that my system drive does not have as much free space as it should.I've downloaded the TreeSize Free app, and it has detected that the folder is eating 68 192, 0 MB(! ) (contains files) which is obviously out of the standard behaviour. Is that a known issue? How can I fix the config folder size? I am using Windows 8. system32 folder large

Aug 09, 2008  Greetings geeks, While surfing my local disk's tree, I happen to notice the size of the Windows\System32 folder to be a surprising 892 MB. Checking the size of the Windows folder

Nov 13, 2013 I have a strange problem for some days. my system32 folder is adding EVERY DAY since sep. 1, 2013, around 92 MB files with strange characters 3 small squares ending with the digit 6. Jul 07, 2014 I am running Win7Pro, I have very few apps installed beyond that. I am using it as a fileserver. Recently withing the pasweekend the system32 folder went from 3. 17GB to 170GB and I can't figure out why. I've been online with the Answer Desk and Level2 support. Anyone have ideas? Callomega It could be many things and one way to check is to system32 folder large Apr 24, 2012 Windows folder size is huge and taking over my hard drive by design? Hello, Over the years my windows folder has grown so big that it is currently taking up 37. 5 GB of my 55 GB hard drive. I have other HD's for my programs, this HD is used solely for the OS and a few programs that could not be installed elsewhere.

Apr 08, 2017 Windows folder seems too large Hello. Recently i realized that i run out of space on drive that i have windows 10 installed. I started to check which folder is the largest and what i can clean up the drive, but the problem is from Windows folder. everything except system32 and winsxs 4. 97GBsystem3222GB (i think here is the problem system32 folder large The folder takes up almost 100 GB on my SSD drive. This doesn't feel like an optimal utilization of my SSD drive. Can it be reduced? I've come across some references to rebuilding your WMI repository that seemed related to the wbem directory. So I've tried doing this, but the size did not decrease noticeably. Nov 30, 2004 My system32 folder is massive. When I rightclick to show properties of the folder in windows explorer it shows that it is 22gigs in size. However when I view properties on each subfolder there is nothing to indicate a large file or folder. I have set my system to show hidden files and folders& system files. Any help would be appreciated.

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