Hoover bullet pointing system

2019-11-12 22:08

John Whidden claims his Pointing Die System can increase individual bullet BC by up to 5, while reducing BC variance among a set of bullets. If true, there are significant benefits to the pointing process. Higher BC equates to shorter flight time, less drop, and importantly, less wind drift.Sep 23, 2015  Pointing Basics How to Use a Bullet Pointing Die System. If the nose is long and pointy (VLD shape) with a large meplat, thats where pointing has the biggest effect; up to 8 or 10. If the meplat is tight on a short tangent nose, the increase can be as small as 1 or 2. For example, If you point a Berger. 308caliber 185gr Juggernaut expect to only get a 2 increase in BC. hoover bullet pointing system

Jan 16, 2012 Hey guys you helped me out so well on the front rest I wanted to buy please give me your thoughts again on a bullet pointing system, here are the only two I know of if you know of others or advice on one or the other please let me know.

Sep 25, 2015 On top of this, the Whidden System has only a few tipping punches against a big list of tipping punches from the Hoover System for nearly every caliber, brand and type of bullet on the market today. This shows how the Hoover System is considering the differences in geometry or ogives that characterize different bullets. Apr 24, 2013  Hoover Meplat Timmer and Pointing Die System. 338 Lapua. I know if you trim the meplats you lose some BC because the meplat gets wider at the tip, but then they make the pointing system which takes the bullet to a point. The trimmer is around 125. 00 and the pointing system is hoover bullet pointing system Jan 31, 2010 I would like some input on bullet pointing dies. I have been looking at whidden and hoover pionting die. Would like to hear opinions on which does the best job.

Accuracy One Shooting Supplies, located in Tyrone, PA, specializes in long range shooting components including benchrest stocks, actions, barrels, scopes, bullet tipping, meplat trimming and reloading supplies. Call us at. hoover bullet pointing system We offer precision reloading equipment for those long range shooters who thrive to reach exceptional accuracy. Our Bullet Tipping Die and Hoover Meplat Trimmers allow shooters to improve Ballistic Coefficient and consistency far beyond that of factory precision ammunition.

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