Vbs filesystemobject file date

2019-09-18 14:35

I have a file which gets createdmodified on a PST machine. But when I am accessing this file from an Indian standard time, the Modified date will be returned according to the current system time zone. (As explained here) Is there any way I can get this date with respect to the time zone providedIn the above code, I use three objects FileSystemObject, File, and Folder. This allows me to go through each file in the specified folder. I then use the name property to get the list of all file names. Note that I am using Debug. Print to get the names of all the files. These names will be listed in the immediate window in the VB Editor. vbs filesystemobject file date

As the name suggests, FSO Objects help the developers to work with drives, folders and files. In this section, we will discuss Objects and Collections

Aug 18, 2011 Re: Read external file properties (date created) using VBA ROFL I just spent about two days trying to get this sorted and the second I suss it out, you reply with exactly the same answer I came to well someone else came to and I copied from Though I guess you can measure your response time in seconds rather than days! ! Feb 25, 2000 Determine Last Modified Date With the FileSystemObject. If it says March 1, 1825 then I am usually not so confident that the content is timely. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just the poor overworked Webmaster who has not had time to update the date on the page. Why do it manually when Microsoft provides the FileSystemObject, vbs filesystemobject file date FileSystemObject. Work with Drives, Folders and Files. Object heirarchy: FileSystemObject Once a File System Object has been opened you can use Methods and Properties to work with folders and files: FileSystemObject Methods:

Returns the date and time that the specified file or folder was created. Readonly. vbs filesystemobject file date Registered Users: ? Click here to find out how you can help support wisesoft. co. uk!

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