Floor wax applicator system

2020-01-25 08:34

Floor Finishing Applicators. For a beautifully finished floor, use the same applicators and tools that professionals use. Our selection of finish applicators are lightweight, easy to use, and provide proven costsavings compared to traditional mop and bucket application. We have several applicators to choose from, including: Gravity fed, MicroFiber,Keep Your Hard Floors Looking Like New with Floor Finishers and Applicators. Many of these floor wax applicators are designed to be used with washable or disposable sleeves that trap and pick up dirt. We offer both applicators and cleaning sleeves, several of which can be washed many times to reduce replacement costs. floor wax applicator system

Apply floor finish quick and easy with one of our wax applicator mops. We offer many styles, from flat mops to a backpack system. Finishing your floors will take less time no matter what waxing applicator

Product Details. The easiest floor finish applicator system on the market! You simply fill the disposable chemical bags with your own floor wax and dispense as you're applying your finish. The chemical bags then fit into a heavy duty backpack that is ergonomically designed with adjustable straps for desired fit and features a reinforced opening. Floor Finish Wax Applicator Janitorial Supplies& Equipment at JaniLink. We offer the highest quality products& equipment nationwide and ensure 100 satisfaction. Call or Order Online Now. floor wax applicator system Are you looking to buy floor wax& finish applicators? We have a wide variety of options available, including wax mops, handles, frames, and backpack floor finish applicators available. Call us at for specific product recommendations, including what type of floor wax will hold up best in

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