C-scan in operating system

2019-10-14 17:05

EDIT: . The only difference between SCAN and CSCAN is that in CSCAN, it begins its scan toward the nearest end and works it way all the way to the end of the system. Once it hits the bottom or top it jumps to the other end and moves in the same direction, unlike the SCANIn the CScan all the Processes are Arranged by using Some Circular List. Circular List is that in which there is no start and end point of the list means the End of the List is the Starting Point of the list. c-scan in operating system

In operating systems, seek time is very important. Since all device requests are linked in queues, the seek time is increased causing the system to slow down. Disk Scheduling Algorithms are used to reduce the total seek time of any request. PURPOSE. The purpose of this material is to provide one with help on disk scheduling algorithms.

Jul 05, 2011 Scan Scheduling vs. CScan Scheduling Silberschatz and Galvin (2009) explained that the scan algorithm is also called the elevator algorithm since the disk arm behaves like an elevator in a building, first servicing all the requests going up and then servicing all requests as it is going down. Jan 26, 2017 SCAN and CSCAN Algorithm with Solved Example Disk Scheduling Algorithm in Hindi Like Us on Facebook c-scan in operating system In the above links both SCAN and CSCAN was explained with a same example but why does SCAN moves towards left and CSCAN moves towards right? operatingsystem scheduling disk share improve this question

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