Artel pcs-2 pipette calibration system

2020-01-29 11:46

The Artel PCS, a next generation pipette calibration system, reimagines the calibration workflow for lab technologists. The design of the system provides an accurate, precise, and efficient method for verifying dispensed volumes from any singlechannel pipette.Jul 09, 2018 Ensure accurate, precise volumes from every pipette and operator. The fast and easytouse PCS Pipette Calibration System provides everything you need to implement stateoftheart pipette quality artel pcs-2 pipette calibration system

Artel PCS 2 Pipette Calibration System with Printer. The Artel PCS 2 is a portable system allowing the operator to carry the pipetting system from one lab to another. The Pipette calibration results are accurately traceable by 1l which allows for spoton pipetting. The Artel PCS 2 can handle single channel pipettes from as low as 0. 1l

PCS stands for Pipette Calibration System. The PCS consists of a highsensitivity photometer, instrument calibrator solutions, sample solutions, and powerful software for managing the calibration and performance status of your organizations entire pipette inventory. Artel MVS Ensure data integrity; test liquid handler performance in your own lab with standardized measurements of accuracy and precisionfor all multichannel pipettes and automated liquid handling systems. Artel PCS Manage your handheld pipette inventory and perform traceable calibrations at volumes as low as 0. 1 L in artel pcs-2 pipette calibration system The best way to calibrate pipettes and the only way to ensure operator competency. The new PCS is a fully integrated system for all of your pipette calibration needs and operator assessments. The complete system allows you to immediately start calibration and includes an instrument, software, label printer, and laptop.

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