External cladding systems melbourne

2020-02-20 04:58

Cladding Systems history extends over 30 years, and we are one of Australias principal commercial facade companies. Focussed primarily on architectural exterior cladding for commercial and highend domestic applications, our compliant, noncombustible products include solid aluminium cladding.By utilising the highest quality wall cladding materials in Melbourne and exercising best practice manufacturing techniques, we have delivered solutions that offer an unprecedented level of quality, reliability and longevity over any other external wall cladding systems in Melbourne. The applications of Stryum Exterior Cladding external cladding systems melbourne

Pro Facade can offer you some of Melbournes most competitive prices on a range of metal cladding. We dont outsource our orders. We fabricate inhouse to ensure your cladding is the best quality and exactly as ordered.

This showstopping cladding system also offers superior UV resistance for up to 25 years, something offered by very few other solutions in aluminium or corten cladding Melbourne wide. The future of cladding systems has arrived. Discover how the most indemand wall cladding systems in Melbourne can benefit your particular project. Our wall panelling and external cladding systems tick all the boxes Whether you are looking for architectural panels, regulationcompliant materials, house cladding or ecofriendly timber weatherboards for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia, Weathertex have you covered. external cladding systems melbourne Warringtonfire Melbourne tests external cladding systems in accordance with BS 8414. This is a largescale test by which the behavior of an overall external cladding system as part of an external wall is assessed, rather than looking just at individual components.

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