Shoulder cryo/cuff autochill system

2019-09-18 15:14

Designed for use with the Aircast CryoCuff to automatically cycle the water between the cooler and cuff eliminating the need for manual recycling. During AutoChill operation, the electronic pump automatically cycles, compressing the air in the cooler to force chilled water into the cuff.Dec 21, 2015 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Aircast AutoChill System with CryoCuff Cooler at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. shoulder cryo/cuff autochill system

Overview. The Aircast CryoCuff Compression Draining system features three parts for added user comfort. The AutoChill system is (sold separately) eliminates manual water recycling by automatically exchanging water between cuff and cooler using an electric pump. The new IC Cooler features an integrated pneumatic pump within the cooler lid

Mar 18, 2018 One of the reasons why athletes prefer the cryo cuff system is that it delivers the cold for longer, making it more effective in reducing pain and inflammation. This article will focus on the Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee System because it is one of the most popular brands out there, which makes it easier to find replacement parts and information on them. The IC in Aircast CryoCuff IC Cooler with Integral Pump stands for intermittent compression which is a great advance on the regular systems. Because the pump is integral it is less expensive then buying the Autochill System (UK Plug) for the Standard CryoCuff Cooler. shoulder cryo/cuff autochill system Shoulder CryoCuff combines therapeutic benefits of controlled compression and cold to minimize edema, hematoma, hemarthrosis, swelling and pain. AutoChill System is designed to automatically cycle water between the cooler and cuff.

The Aircast AutoChill System with Cryo Cuff Cooler automatically cycles water between the cooler and cuff eliminating the need for manual recycling. Designed for use with any of the Cryo Cuff models, it pumps and forces chilled water into the cuff providing soothing pulsating pressure to shoulder cryo/cuff autochill system AutoChill automatically exchanges water from CryoCuff to Aircast CryoCuff Gravity Cooler using an electronic pump, eliminating manual water recycling. the AutoChill System 20B can be used with the Aircast ALL CryoCuffs. Figure 3. Step 1 prepare cooler (Figure 1) 1. Connect the blue tube to cooler. Cold Pack Compression Wrap for Shoulder Pain Ice Pack Therapy by Icy Wrap CryoCool Flexible Treatment for Injuries, Aches, Swelling, Sprains, Inflammation of Rotator Cuff 4. 7 out of 5 stars 14 Currently unavailable. Aircast Cryo Cuff Cold Therapy. The Aircast Cryo Cuff is an easytouse cold therapy system which uses a cooler to feed ice cold water to an anatomically designed wrap, permitting complete coverage and compression of the joint and surrounding tissue. More beneficial and easier to use than leaky ice packs and elastic wraps and bandages, Aircast AutoChill System with Cryo Cuff Cooler Features: Furthermore, DMEDirect. com cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By adding the product to your cart you certify that the above statement (s) isare true.

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