Command prompt without operating system

2019-09-18 17:02

I want to figure out on what date the operating system was installed, but most responses online say to either look in the Registry or use the systeminfo command to find it (and the systeminfo. exe program obviously fails to run because it does not have the Registry to check for some parts of it).Jan 02, 2013 Made a recovery disk which has not worked. Tried using super grub boot disk and it did not work. probably messed up the partition order following those instructions. Have Linux Ubuntu LTS installed on separate partition. Have command prompt ability, used bootrec, exe RebuildBcd and got total identified windows installations: 0. command prompt without operating system

Find windows OS version from command line. If you want to find just the OS version, you can use ver command. Open command window and execute ver command. But note that this does not show service pack version. This command does not show version on a Windows 7 system.

Aug 25, 2010 If you have the 200mb system partition installed, then you should be able to boot into the recovery environment by pressing F8 at startup and selecting Repair Your Computer , which, once booted up will have a command prompt option. The third Safe Mode option, Safe Mode With Command Prompt, loads the same strippeddown set of services as in Safe Mode, but uses the Windows XP command interpreter (Cmd. exe) as a shell instead of the graphical Windows Explorer (Explorer. exe). This option is recommended only for diehard commandline aficionados. command prompt without operating system Mar 11, 2013  Answers. Best Answer: Impossible, without some kind of boot media. Since a command prompt is a interface presented by an operating system, it follows that without an OS you can't have a command prompt. Bios is not part of the operating system and is usually stored in a

How can the answer be improved? command prompt without operating system Jun 18, 2011 As others here have already noted, the command prompt utility available in WinXP is not the same as the true DOS X. X operating system command prompt which acted as a comspec environment command Apr 23, 2018 So basically I have built my computer (with much help) and now I have a complete computer minus the Disk Drive. I have my WIN OS (8. 1) on a flashdrive and am aware that I need to make a bootable USB device but I need help doing that as every list of directions I find is intended for computers with a previous OS and mine is brand new and has none. Nov 04, 2017 A computer geek always searches tips and tricks about command prompt. . because cmd command is an essential part of the Windows Operating System. Windows command prompt sometimes called cmd. There are several tricks that let you perform a variety of tasks through Command Prompt. It was something that was considered to be meant only for the technically advanced.

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