Windows pid 4 system port 80

2019-10-17 04:44

Jan 10, 2018 Port 80 on my Windows 10 PC is being used by PID 4. I cannot kill PID4 as its System and Kernel. I need to release port 80 so that I can use it for http related stuff. I checked my PC but could not find Apache or IIS. Please help.Feb 13, 2016  How To STOPDISABLE PORT 80 port 80. 4. If it is a System ProcessPID 4you need to disable the HTTP. sys driver which is started on demand by another service, such as Windows windows pid 4 system port 80

Do a quick netstat o n a findstr 0. 0: 80 You will see the process that runs this services is happen to be the System process, usually with process ID 4. Now this introduced an issue for people who wish to use apache as the web server.

May 15, 2017 System process with PID 4 use port 80 I use Windows 10 and Apache which run on port 80. But after the Windows update on 10 May 2017, there was a process called System ( NT Kernel& System ) PID 4 used port 80, So I can not use Apache on port 80. Nov 27, 2016 Port 80 is not used by the system. Many things will use that port, example; Web Deployment Agent Service, World Wide Web Publishing Service, SQL Server Reporting Services. See Port 80 is being used by SYSTEM (PID 4), what is that? PID: 4 using Port 80. Check those for possible culprits and for trouble shooting advise. windows pid 4 system port 80 Port 80 used by System process NT Kernel& System with PID 4. Today, I got a request from an application team stating that there application is not running. When checked found that there application is configured on port 80.

Feb 24, 2012 Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Hi there, I have a question regarding what processes or services run on Port 80. windows pid 4 system port 80 Windows has a mechanism designed to enable multiple processes to handle HTTP requests on port 80. It's entirely possible for IIS to coexist with multiple other applications all handling port 80 requests. This is why the system process listens on 80 for you it can dispatch each request to whichever process is responsible for the particular URL. Awesome! ! ! I had disabled IIS services from windows 8 but port 80 was still in use by some pid 4 system process. Turns out that the Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc) was running and set to turn on automatically. I disabled startup and stopped service apache is backup and running thanks Just follow these steps to diagnose and resolve your issue: Get pid that is listening port 80: netstat nao find : 80 . Open task manager, go to processes tab and check PID in MenuViewSelect Columns, If it is a normal application or IIS, disable it or uninstall. If it is a System So problems with PID 4 listening to port 80? Check your SQL services and turn them off! Addendum to PID 4 listening to port 8 Apache cannot start. Thanks to Tauseef below who has also mentioned that A new service called Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc) can also trigger System with PID4 to listen on port 80.

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