Substation automation system market

2019-09-18 16:36

SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) meets all the demands placed on a distributed substation control system both now and in the future. Amongst many other standardized communication protocols, SICAM PAS particularly supports the IEC standard for communication between substations and IEDs.Substation automation is an integral part of electrical system for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The combination of devices used to change the characteristics of electric supply such as voltage, p. f. and frequency among others is called substation. substation automation system market

Market Scenario: Global Substation Automation Market Segmentation The global substation automation market is segmented into component, module, communication channel, industry, and region. The component is subsegmented into recloser controller, capacitor bank controller, smart meter, load tap controller and others.

ReportsnReports. com adds Substation Automation System 2014 Update Market Size, Volume and Key Country Analysis to 2020 research report of 126 pages Based on the Substation Automation Systems industrial chain, this report mainly elaborates the definition, types, applications and major players of Substation Automation Systems market in details. substation automation system market Substation Automation Market Overview: Global substation automation market is segmented on the basis of module, component, communication channel, and geography. On the basis of component, it is further subdivided into programmable logic controller, load tap changer, reclose controller, capacitor bank controller, digital transducer, digital relays,

Nov 19, 2014 According to this report, continued growth is expected for substation automation system market during the forecast period and US is the key market for substation automation systems. substation automation system market How can the answer be improved? Substation Automation Market Electrified by Digital Substations and Microgrids. Substation automation includes intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), control commands from remote users, and automation and control capabilities within the substation fence to provide intelligent information to properly control the power system devices to ensure Substation Automation Market Global Forecast to 2022. Substation automation systems have a large scope in the utility sector as these systems are used in generating, transmitting, and distributing power. The other factors driving the growth of the market for the utility industry include the modernization of grids and installation of smart grids. The substation automation and integration market, on the basis of industry, has been segmented into utility, steel, mining, oil and gas, and transportation. The market for the utility industry is expected to grow at a high rate between 2016 and 2022.

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