Landmine detection system

2019-09-18 16:36

How can the answer be improved?Mar 04, 2004 Field Tests Advance Seismic LandmineDetection System. The system uses highfrequency seismic waves to displace soil and objects in it slightly (less than one tenthousandth of an inch). A noncontacting radar sensor then measures the results, creating a visual representation of the displacement that reveals the buried mines. landmine detection system

Feb 18, 2003 Free Electronic Option. As all landmine detection methods have strengths and weaknesses in different environments, the authors suggest that the federal government undertake a research and development effort to develop a multisensor mine detection system over the next five to eight years. The system would be based on the algorithmic fusion of data

from the system. It was shown that with increasing the outer radius of the cylindrical polyethylene, the neutron dose equivalent decreased. Also in order to check the system's safety and the radiation protection, the neutron and gamma dose equivalent rate were measured at some different distances from the landmine detection system. Table 1 shows Chapter Two. INNOVATIVE MINE DETECTION SYSTEMS. Researchers in physical, chemical, and biological sciences are studying and developing methods that could reduce the false alarm rate and maintain or increase the probability of detection for mine clearance. New detection concepts involve searching for characteris tics other than mine metal content. landmine detection system The Laboratory's patented micropower impulse radar and advanced imaging technologies are being combined in a practical system called the LandMine Detection Advanced Radar Concept, or LANDMARC, that is making pivotal advances in meeting the challenge of landmine detection.

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