Diameter index safety system

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14 rows  Diameter at Stump Height; Diameter Breast Height Over Bark; Diameter CreditControlMedical Gases (Safety Indexed Connector Systems) DiameterIndex Safety System DISS Whereas the ASSS and PISS provide standards for highpressure connections between cylinders and equipment, the DISS was established to prevent accidental interchange of lowpressure medical gas connectors diameter index safety system

The Pin Index Safety System, or PISS, is a means of connecting high pressure cylinders containing medical gases to a regulator or other utilization equipment. It uses geometric features on the valve and yoke to prevent mistaken use of the wrong gas.

DISS Fittings. Diameter Index Safety System. The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) developed the DiameterIndex Safety system (DISS) to establish a standard for noninterchangeable, removable connections for use with Medical Gases, Instrument Air, Vacuum (Suction), and WAGD (Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal). Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) The Diameter Index Safety System, like the Ohio quickconnect system, is a gas station outlet system used in the hospital setting for the supply of medical gases. DISS connectors are threaded and have a unique diameter for each diameter index safety system Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) The Diameter Index Safety System, or DISS, was designed by the Compressed Gas Association specifically for medical gases at 200 psig or less. It uses unique, gasspecific threaded connections to fit equipment to station outlets. It is also used for the connection of additional features to equipment,

Medical Gas Outlets. The latch valve assembly shall be Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) threaded connectors and accept only corresponding gas specific type nut and nipple adapters. Each latch valve assembly shall be colorcoded for ease of gas identification per the appropriate standards (US or ISO). diameter index safety system DiameterIndex Safety System (DISS) a system of standardized connections between cylinders of medical gases and flowmeters or pressure regulators. Each gas has connections of a specific size to prevent accidental hookup of the wrong gas. Each type of gas and connector is assigned a DISS number, such as 1040 for nitrous oxide and 1240 for oxygen. How can the answer be improved? Sep 28, 2011 How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop 3D Map Generator Terrain Duration: 20: 32. Orange Box Ceo 2, 707, 648 views The DIAMETERINDEX SAFETY SYSTEM supplements but does not replace the PININDEX SAFETY SYSTEM or any of the means for medical gas identification now in use. The prime objective is to provide a simple, effective system with minimum expense and confusion to

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