Green map system

2019-09-18 14:37

With unique global icons and adaptable tools, Green Map System has engaged communities worldwide in mapping green living, nature, and cultural resources since 1995. Green Maps chart a sustainable future! Explore and get involved.Green Maps office in New York City is the resource development, outreach and support center. Due to the growth in the number of projects a decentralized or hub based management system has been adopted. Green Map System has encouraged various regions to form local support networks. green map system

Green Map is a great resource to bring Green lifestyles and information to the greater public. The Green map System has been a great organisation to work with and they have really listened to their clients needs and provided great support and innovation!

Green Map System, New York, New York. 5, 209 likes 18 talking about this 31 were here. Green Maps promote sustainable communities and climate health Green Map opened my mind to possibilities of how effectively visual communication can shape the way we interact with and perceive our local environment. What is particularly exciting is that it provides a common platform for a shared global language but is democratic and adaptable at the same time. green map system Open Green Maps are designed to be explored, customized and enhanced by people like you. You can share your insights, ratings and images or suggest, compare and share sites. Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable development, engaging hundreds of communities in 65 countries in mapmaking since 1995.

Welcome to Green Map NYC! Mapping the unique environment of New York City is our way of helping you connect with great resources for green living. Explore maps created by Green Map System alongside those made by other New Yorkers and gain a new perspective on sustainability, nature and culture. Our original Green Map sparked a global movement! green map system Baltimore Green Map is an active partner in the international Green Map System (GMS). The GMS universal iconography is its signature tool to share green living, ecological, social and cultural resources.

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