Full flow oil system vw

2019-10-17 03:54

A complete full flow oil cooler system with fan and filter without removing the engine. All the parts required to add a full flow oil system to your engine, without machining. Leaves original oil cooler inEverything you need to install a full flow remote oil filter system. This bolt on kit no machining or engine removal. Includes pump cover, remote filter bracket, oil full flow oil system vw

Drilling, Tapping, & FullFlow Filter Tech. And while you are drilling and tapping, it doesn't take much more to add a full flow oil filter to the system. The stock VW engine only has that mesh screen filter which only gets the large chunks (and by that time your engine is probably toast anyway).

Price: 149. 95. Aircooled. Net Full Flow Filter Kit, Type 3 includes an oil pump cover, oil filter adapter, (4) 8 Flares and (4) 8 Swivel Hose Barb Ends, (2) 90 Degree Fittings, (2) 45 Degree Fittings (to snake around the Mustache Bar), and 4' of Hose! Case must be full flow oil system vw

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