Taiden wireless conference system

2020-01-26 02:33

Taiden specializes in R& D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. Particularly, their expertise is in their conference systems. Taiden provides comprehensive conference solution through their conference systems, as well as provide audio systems that cater for educational purposes (Eg Classrooms or Speeches).Oct 18, 2012  Although a lot more of my experience is in the RF domain, I have had exposure to IR, and I have always been impressed. I took a look at Media Vision USAs Taiden HCS5300 wireless conference system, and was pleased. taiden wireless conference system

Digitalization combined with wireless transmission via infrared technology is an ideal solution for a wireless conference system. TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system is composed of a main unit, one or more transceivers and conference units.

Wireless Conference System TAIDEN HCS5300M Using digital infrared wireless technology, you are guaranteed superb, secure and consistent audio performance with no interference from mobile phones, WiFi networks or other RF systems setup in adjacent rooms. How can the answer be improved? taiden wireless conference system On Augest 30th, 2016, the 20th anniversary celebration and press conference for new products of TAIDEN took place in China National Convention Center in Beijing TAIDEN 20th Anniversary The 11th AsiaEurope Meeting Summit kicked off on July 15 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Since TAIDEN introduced the world's first digital infrared wireless conference system in 2008, its HCS5300 Series Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System has successfully equipped the United Nations Headquarters, the World Bank, the Business Roundtable Headquarters, the China National Convention Center, the Ningxia International Convention Center, Chongqing Municipal Government and many taiden wireless conference system Download a Taiden catalog: HCS5100 Digital Infrared Language Distribution SystemTAIDEN 2008ld. pdf. All the equipment we sell is FCC approved for translation and assistive listening in the USA. Please call us if you need equipment that can be used overseas.

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