Bosch gdi system

2019-12-13 06:23

Bosch launched gasoline direct injection in 1951 and has remained at the cutting edge of the technology ever since. Today we provide technology for fuel supply, fuel injection, air management, ignition, engine control, and exhaustgas treatment as well as endtoend solutions for this drive system.Nov 15, 2013 Bosch gasoline direct injection as the key to clean and economical engines: reduced fuel consumption and emissions, with enhanced driving dynamics thanks to direct high pressure injection of the bosch gdi system

Two fuel injection systems in one: port and direct gasoline injection. With port and direct gasoline injection, Bosch combines gasoline direct injection with gasoline port fuel injection.

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) provides the basis for a cleaner& more economical engine generation. It also contributes to the current downsizing tendency. Dec 06, 2017  Bosch is Germany's Tech giant company. It recently introduced Bosch Water Injection system for gasoline direct injection engines. This cuttingedge technology could help in making todays automotive engines run faster, smoother and also in an environment friendly way. Bosch is a renowned and highly respected organization in the automotive world. bosch gdi system Oct 16, 2015  In 2015, 37 of new vehicles will be manufactured with gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, according to Robert Bosch LLC. By 2020, 49 of all new vehicles will have GDI engines. Todays new vehicles eventually will be in independent shops for repair and maintenance.

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